7 Ways to Make Your Home's Smallest Rooms Feel Bigger.

Do you have a tiny room in your house that you wish could magically grow an extra square meter overnight? We understand, no matter how hard you try sometimes you just can’t find the right way to make your smallest rooms feel more luxurious. Whether it’s the long forgotten guest bathroom downstairs or a tiny study space that’s about to get promoted to your newest bedroom, we’ve 7 great tips to squeeze that little bit of extra space out of even the tiniest room (with no major renovations required).

Keep it light:

Creating the illusion of space in a smaller room starts with the walls. Try giving your space a fresh perspective by painting it in light and attractive colours. If white feels too clinical or harsh try instead a softer tone like cream or silvery grey.

Match made in heaven:

Do you prefer curtains to blinds? Ensuring that your curtain colours tone with your newly painted walls is an easy way to make any room look bigger. Try to avoid too-heavy materials like silk or damask and instead opt for sheer curtains or linen.

Pull it back:
Sometimes with smaller spaces it can be awfully tempting to push all of your furniture against the walls to free up space in the centre of the room. While this feels logical, it actually works against your plans by highlighting the overall lack of floor space. Try pulling your furniture away from the walls a little bit and you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your room.

Go natural:

Natural light is a precious resource when it comes to smaller spaces, which is why it’s important to highlight your windows - if you have the option available to you, adding a skylight to your space may just make all the difference to turning that pokey little corner into a cosy little nook.

Raise it up:

When it comes to buying large furniture pieces for smaller rooms there’s a golden rule - always buy sofas, armchairs and bed frames with raised legs. This way you are successfully creating the illusion of light and space and making your room feel bigger.


While the tiny accents and details scattered about your space are what make your house truly a home, try to exercise restraint in your smaller rooms and keep the clutter to a minimum. Keep cushions and throws tidy and capitalise on your limited space with storage that is equal parts useful and beautiful - like these handwoven belly baskets.

Get in formation:

From the books on your shelves to the artfully clutch of cushions on your couch, organising your space through colour co-ordination can do wonders to make your smallest room feel more streamlined and organised. Try it out by ordering your books in a subtle rainbow from darkest to lightest and see the difference that it makes.