The Block Anything But A Bedroom Week

It was ‘Anything but a bedroom’ week on The Block this week and it saw this year’s contestants deliver sophisticated sitting rooms, home office spaces and a room that judge Neale Whitaker described as a “very bad nightclub.” Ouch!

But it was this season’s underdogs, Clint and Hannah, who walked away the winners of this week’s room challenge. Their lounge room offers their house a sophisticated escape for parents, after dinner party drinks or just a spot to put your feet up and dive into the latest page-turner.

We can see our Borderline Cushion or Black Marble Tray suiting the space nicely.

Other rooms like Josh and Elyse and Sticks and Wombat’s home office spaces showed that size doesn’t matter delivering rooms that took limited space and turned them into something functional for a buzzing family home. Who wouldn’t want a dedicated space to answer emails, organise the family schedule and dare we say it - pay a few bills. Having a space where it can all be kept neat and tidy rather than strewn across the house sounds good to us! And while we don’t quite love the lime sherbert the boys chose for their study wall colours, we do admire them taking a chance on a colour out of the box.

Southbound’s Tips for Living Rooms and Studies

Add furniture thoughtfully
A common mistake people make is adding too much furniture to a room, particularly pieces that get minimal use or are bulky. Instead of adding the extra armchair for when you have visitors (that will rarely get used day-to-day), perhaps consider an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table as well. This will make the room feel more spacious and relaxing if it’s not cramped, no matter what you’re using it for.

Create a focal point
This could be in the form of a fantastic work of art, a statement piece of furniture, or a beautiful view. Whatever it is, make sure to place furniture and décor items to maximize the effect.

Know when to stop
Whilst it is lovely to add sentimental items to a room, if it doesn’t fit with the aesthetic or adds unnecessary clutter it’s time to find another home for it. Same goes for all items – there is nothing more uncomfortable to be in or unappealing to the eye than a cluttered room so be mindful with how much you put into a room. 


Image courtesy of Channel 9 The Block Official Website