Southbound Product Highlight : Linen

Don’t you just love the soft and breathable quality of linen? Made from the fibers of the hardy flax plant, linen is one of the oldest and most luxurious textiles in the world. Cool to the touch, and silky smooth, linen is the fabric that literally gets softer and more beautiful the more you wash it. Which is why we’re taking opportunity to shine a light on the understated elegance and history of the world’s most enduring fabric, with our 3 things you never knew about linen.  

A material truly ‘fit for a king’. 
While linen is stillregarded as a luxury textile by today’s standards,  in ancient Mesopotamia (history’s first recorded civilisation) linen was so highly prized that only the King and his household were permitted to wear it. 

Walk like an Egyptian
Like the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians prized the valuable material for its antimicrobial and breathable texture. Ancient priests and royalty took such meticulous care of their linen that entire bolts of the material have been discovered in ancient tombs in near perfect condition. 

It’s all about the journey. 
To constantly ensure the quality of the material, linen grade flax is usually harvested by either pulling up the entire plant or when stalks are cut at the root. The seeds are the removed from the flax plant and the fibers are gently extracted from the plant stalk. These fibers are then separated, long from short. The shorter threads are either discarded or blended with cotton, while the longer, softer threads are spun into yarn which is then woven into linen.

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