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The Block Reveals - Guest Bedrooms

The first and last rooms this year’s Block couples renovated in the original house section of the builds, the guest bedroom, were re-revealed this week after couples restyled and renovated each room after the original 48-hour challenge in this season’s first week.   This week’s challenge showed us that being on a budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style (Ronnie and Georgia’s use of a refurbed vintage cupboard that cost them $150 plus a lick of paint) and that guest rooms don’t need to be any less stylish than the main rooms of the house.  Tied for first place, Ronnie and Georgia’s and Josh and Elyse’s rooms each scored a perfect 30 with each judge awarding 10 out...

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The Southbound Guide To Styling Your Cushions

Can we take a moment to appreciate the humble cushion? Not only do they provide comfort and practicality to your home but they are also an inexpensive way to give your space a seasonal lift. However, with an inexhaustible range of textures, colours and shapes to play with, sometimes the task of selecting and styling your pillows can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve created our handy insider’s guide to selecting and arranging your cushions for maximum effect with minimal effort.  To Chop or Not to Chop? Do you chop your cushions? No, we’re not talking about taking a pair of scissors to your precious textiles (sacrilege). We’re talking about the art of shaping your cushions through a ‘chopping’ motion...

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The Block Reveals - Hallways and Laundry

At first glance the hallway and laundry might not be the most exciting rooms in a house, but if you really think about it these humble utility spaces are often what set the tone for your living experience. Take the hallway for example, it is the space that greets you as you open the door and invites friends, family and guests into your home. And the couples of The Block showed this week that this unassuming space is also one that takes more time and effort than you’d think with a few couples delivering unfinished rooms! We loved that while it could be a simple space, the couples took their hallways to new heights (literally for Josh and Elyse who...

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Southbound’s Guide to Bridal Gifts for Summer

Can you hear those wedding bells? Yes, summer is in the air and just as the trees burst open into righteous bloom so do brides-to-be blossom overnight. So, if like so many others you find yourself facing down the barrel end of a season of beautiful weddings to attend and no idea what to buy the bride to mark the occasion, let our friendly team help you navigate the task with our guide to gifts for every kind of bride this summer. The Boho Bride: Is your bride-to-be a lover of all things boho? Introduce a touch of eastern elegance to your gift with these vintage Indian lassi cups. Hand made to be unique, these vintage tin cups are cast from...

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The Block Kitchen Reveals

This might have been our favourite week on The Block - kitchen reveals. We love entertaining and there’s nothing like a night where your friends or family gather in your home to eat, drink and laugh. Of course, the kitchen is at the heart of this and this week’s reveals showed just what kind of heart and soul might be created as buyers look to settle and call these houses home. It truly could have been anyone’s week to take home first place, even Sarah and Jason who had the threat of being “off the Block” (did we really think they’d let that happen!?!) delivered a kitchen that you’d want to bake a family recipe or concoct something new in....

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